Santelli immediately warns Conte “intervene or block landings”


That of the president of the Calabria Region Jole Santelli it is a real ultimatum: Prime Minister Conte intervenes to avoid the arrival of other positive migrants to Covid-19 or I will ban the landings.

This is the meaning of the letter that the governor of FI sent to the Prime Minister to ask for immediate intervention, after about seventy people landed in Roccella Jonica, in Locride yesterday, 28 of whom were positive for Coronavirus.

But it is not only Santelli who protests. This morning, in Amantea, dozens of citizens blocked State Highway 18 in protest against the decision of the Prefecture of Cosenza to transfer 13 of the infected migrants to the populous tourist center of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

“Welcoming positive migrants to Covid in a tourist resort, however without any warning, is madness”, the demonstrators have repeatedly repeated, some of whom have even laid down on the ground to ask for the transfer of the infected to a more equipped center.

But perhaps the most virulent protest is precisely that of Santelli. “In the last few days – explained the Calabrian president -, as has been known, several landings of immigrants have been recorded on the coasts of Calabria region. Evidently, these landings cannot be addressed with ordinary measures, given the emergency medical situation resulting from the spread of the Covid-19 virus which, although it has reduced in size, cannot be said to be outdated at all “.

Santelli, after remembering the numbers of the Roccella landing, asked the Conte government “to intervene, adopting measures aimed at preventing immigrants from being managed, from a health point of view, only after their landing on the ground”. “The only solution capable of avoiding dangers to the health of the Calabrian population – he continued – can only be to proceed with the requisition of naval units, to be deployed in front of the coasts of the Italian region most affected by the landings, on board of which health checks can be carried out on immigrants and in the event of positivity, the execution of the mandatory quarantine period can be ensured “.

Santelli expects a “very quick” response from the executive. If not, “I will not hesitate to act, exercising my ordinance powers for emergency health, forbidding him landings In Calabria. I want to avoid an arm wrestling with the government, but I have an obligation to defend the Calabrians and those who have chosen to spend their holidays in Calabria “.

In the morning, the governor had remembered the darkest period of the emergency: “For months we fought the coronavirus, at the cost of enormous existential, social and economic sacrifices. But now, due to this incomprehensible indifference to the threat posed by uncontrolled landings, all the efforts made by the Calabrians and the Italians risk being frustrated. We can’t allow it. The state, the government, must be present and face a situation which, from now on, could become even more explosive “.

For Santelli the problem cannot be tackled “pretending that it does not exist or, worse, by means of ideological prejudices that do not change the difficult situation in which regions of landings such as Calabria are found. An immediate response is therefore needed in order not to frustrate the many sacrifices done so far and to guarantee the right to health of Italian citizens and of Calabria, a region in which the epidemic has been contained better than in many other situations. We Calabrians have done our duty, now it is the State that must defend us “.

Meanwhile, the first parliamentary initiatives arrive. The deputy of Fratelli d’Italia Wanda Ferro announced a question to Conte and the ministers of the Interior and Health, Luciana Lamorgese e Roberto Speranza. “The Italians – he explained – have not endured the long months of lockdown to see their sacrifices frustrated by the uncontrolled opening of the ports”.

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