Santander League: Valencia complete the grief: without Europe next season | LaLiga Santander 2019


They fall in Seville unable to take advantage of the carom of results and for the fifth time since 2000 they will not play a European competition

Jaume laments at the Snchez Pizjun.

The football served him a tray Valencia an opportunity that maybe not even deserved, a last day where if he was able to win he still had options to play European competition. For many of the 90 minutes of this final match, a victory would have opened the doors of the continental competition to make up the season. However, the team fell, once again, into grotesque.

It is the end of yet another stage that, like almost all since Meriton has owned, ends with a half board closure and the need to rebuild the foundations of the team.

Valencia was unable to fight with Sevilla, two teams that start as the great competitors for fourth place. The team of Lopetegui because the Valencian players have not touched it all season. The differences became abysmal from the month of February and were evident in the Pizjun.

A distant shot of Guedes, who was injured shortly after, was the entire offensive argument of the Voro team in the first half. It is true that Sevilla, although it was around Jaume, was not right either. But I had no need. Who played it was Valencia. And it was not noticeable.

In the second part, Sevilla pressed. Eight million more of the television pool that the Champion distributes takes the third place and that was the prize that it pursues. Avis Munir crashing a ball on the post and Reguiln He faked with a deflected shot but then placed the ball down the square after slipping a ball into the area and cutting Parejo and Wass. The goal ended up sinking a Valencia that already luca flat encephalogram.

The announced locker room cleanup has hit the locker room in these final three games. One win and two losses are the consequence, which summarizes Jaume domenech: “Now is the time to reflect, to analyze what each one has done, because Valencia do not deserve this season.”

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