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Aguirre comforts Jonathan Silva.

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He dies standing legans, a team rescued by faith and the rennet of Javier Aguirre, a guy who speaks pure football. A goal separated him from salvation, a possible goal that he pursued beyond the breath of the champion himself, until he converted Butarque at lamo from League, the place where Madrid could not fulfill its plenary session, although that mattered little where only life mattered. Like the lick, Butarque, in the end, fell.

The Mexican technician had managed to inflame the faith of his own until he saw the shore with air in his lungs. The Lega was the only one of those sentenced who arrived alive on the last day. The problem was not just that it depended on another outcome, that of Celtic in Cornell, but that the last guest was the best in the tournament, and wanting to feel that way, to emotionally feed back on the way to a challenge in the Champions.

Areola it was one of Zidane’s concessions to an eleven in which most of the column remains: Sergio Ramos-Casemiro-Benzema. The decision secured the trophy Zamora to Courtois without playing, but the profile of the team sends a clear message in a day with nothing material at stake for the whites, already with the title in their hands, but with the appeal of the plenary session in the post-Davidian League and with the duty that professionalism requires in competition, given the interests of others. What for Madrid was honor, for him legans it was life, and that life found hope precisely under Areola’s legs. It lasted until the end, despite his own mistakes that allowed Madrid to get ahead successively, as Aguirre wanted. What quality dictates is always missing.

While Legans had managed to avoid a premature descent thanks to their defensive strength, not conceding a single goal in the last four games, against Madrid he did it in a few minutes, exactly eight. It happened in the crudest and most innocent way, leaving the defense absolutely alone to Sergio Ramos in the center of the area, in a stationary action. Isco I didn’t need to refine too much to find it. Aguirre’s anger was visible in the locker room, as it would be in the second half, when a bad delivery left the ball again to Isco, who threw Asensio to the punishment zone. They did not forgive the Balearic Islands to put Madrid at an advantage again. The technician arrived for the impossible and he was one breath away from achieving it in a team that caught fire with the sales of Braithwaite and En-Nesyri.

Bryan Gil It does not have the same weight, but its manners indicate that it can have much more. At age 19, he assumed the role of leading hope, in partnership with Jonathan Silva. Both found space on the left, where Zidane had placed as an alternative side to Lucas Vzquez. A boy for everything who always has the appreciation of the coach. When Jonathan Silva was able to find Bryan Gil in an advantageous position in the area, the young striker made a oriented control and a soft cross. The ball went under the legs of Areola.

Legans had done the most difficult, as it was to tie against Madrid, but his own mistakes would return him to the disadvantage, at the beginning of the second half, with the goal of Asensio. Aguirre decided then to burn the ships, break the tactic and surrender to a suicidal exchange of blows, by putting Avils and Aassal on the field. He had no other choice.

It was a good setting for Benzema to have filled the sack in his aspiration to Pichichi, but the two goals of Messi in Vitoria and the past hour of play turn the purpose into a chimera. Better, then, to rest and avoid more risks. Zidane gave minutes to Jovic y Brahim without removing from the field a Vinicius, that, strange thing had gone unnoticed. But the faith, sister of despair, already belonged to the Legans, who struggled to tie, through Assal, and believed more than ever, but the quality is mortifying, as the wrong occasions by Avils showed. Not even the WHERE, in a possible penalty, avoided his drama. He has the honor on his journey back to Monday. With it there is a return ticket.

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