Sanderink accuses Almelose judge of partiality


The wealthy businessman from Twente Sanderink does not want an Almelo judge to judge a lawsuit between him and his ex-lover Brigitte van Egten. According to Sanderink, the judge is biased, because he previously ruled against him.

At the end of the ‘challenge room’ session, the 71-year-old entrepreneur could no longer hold back about the quarrel between him and his ex, Brigitte van Egten. “I didn’t start, I’m baffled. My counselors say to me ‘don’t do it, but I’m doing it anyway,” “explains Sanderink, why he’s litigating.

Judge impartial?

The multimillionaire accuses Almelose judge Van Houten of partiality. That judge resigned to a challenge from Sanderink at the end of last year, but this time he is opposed. He says: “I am an impartial judge who gives DSS – Sanderink’s company – what she is entitled to.”

But Sanderink doesn’t believe that. In a previous dismissal case between Sanderink’s company and the then commercial director Van der Heijden, the judge ruled in favor of the latter. According to Sanderink, the motivation used in that judgment points to ‘bias’ against him, and so the judge is ‘biased’.


Sanderink again referred today to a telephone conversation he had with his ex Van Egten in 2018. In it he accused her of theft of solar panels and accessories, which she transported with containers to Gambia, according to the multi-millionaire. Investigations within the company have not revealed any irregularities, but Sanderink remains with his accusation. The investigation is said to be directed by his new lover, the ‘cybercharlatan’ Rian van Rijbroek. In addition, Sanderink remains convinced that his ex Van Egten is responsible for a raid by FIOD on his company Strukton, last February.

In the wake of this argument and the presence of his new lover, the entire top of his IT company Centric has left or been dismissed in the past year. His listed company ‘Oranjewoud’ – which includes construction company Strukton and engineering company Antea – suffered a (small) loss over the past year for the first time in years. Earlier in a lawsuit it was discussed that the company DSS in Goor is virtually bankrupt due to all lawsuits and negative publicity.


“I have been poked in my own region. I am an honest businessman, just ask the farmers in my area. I have gotten to the roots of my life,” concludes an emotional Sanderink. The judges of the challenge chamber do not seem to be so interested in Sanderink’s testimony. A judgment will be made on this case on August 3.

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