Sander Lantinga responds to rumors of millions of wages


Of Coen & Sander Show is one of the biggest hit programs of Radio 538 and reportedly the two radio DJs get paid for it. According to the rumor mill, Sander even gets 2 million euros a year deposited into his account. But that is absolute nonsense, he says Playboy. “If that were the case, I would have been flying the flag,” said the 43-year-old. He let him know that he is ‘not in the distance’ with that amount.

The sum of money could have been so high in the past. “In the past, such amounts may have been paid out, before the Balkenende standard, when there were not as many DJs as there are now and many fewer channels,” Sander explains. “The market is different now, you have to share the same cake with many more parties. (…) If we had wanted to go for the big money, we should have done it much earlier. But at that time the time was not yet ripe , in 2015 it will. ”

Not too long ago, Coen and Sander went on the run for their annual The Coen and Sander Festival. They tell about it in the video below.


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