Sanchez until late August, the knot is cheap. Work is underway for the next year


Alexis Sanchez is certainly the happiest note of last night at Meazza. A complete game, that of the Chilean, committed to gaining confirmation in view of the next season. Beyond the agreement torn up to the race with Getafe early August, made official yesterday by Manchester United and from Marotta in the pre-game of Inter-Brescia, second The Gazzetta dello Sport the interista leadership is working to confirm Sanchez also in view of the next season, on the indication of With you, regardless of what will happen with Lautaro Martinez.

There is moderate optimism about staying until late August. “The knot – explains the rosea – is cheap, even before technical: it is not so much the fact that Sanchez could potentially be a United opponent in the German Cup to move the finish line there. Rather, Manchester knows that Inter he has the will to keep him and at this point he wants to monetize the transfer of the Chilean. It is clear that the risk of a forfeit in the Europa League exists and Conte is cheering to be averted. A risk that, for different reasons, also concerns Moses. The agreement between Chelsea and Inter are total. But there is a note inserted in the contract, according to which the English club will be able to recall the Nigerian in case of transfer to a third company “.


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