Salvini writes the text to Mattarella. Azzolina: “irresponsible to make propaganda with school”


Botta and response between the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini and the Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina on the reopening of schools in September. The duel between the two political leaders continues.

The former Interior Minister, during the presentation of the book of the journalist Annalisa Chirico, she returns to attack the minister: “Tomorrow I write to Mattarella: it is not possible that millions of students do not know how and when they will return to school. A government that deals with football and soccer and not with certainties for students and families about school is a government that hates Italy. “

We are able to anticipate some excerpts from Mattarella’s letter which will be entrusted to the pages of the future.

“We cannot afford to arrive at the September deadlines with the few (and at times confused) ideas that have so far characterized the debate in the majority of the Government”.

There is no lack of reference to Pope Bergoglio’s “affectionate message” for principals and teachers and he underlines the role of peer schools by citing the importance of the Catholic school.

Salvini: School at 7? No to family ordeal. Azzolina go away

Shortly after the reply of the Minister of Education: “No pupil will be kicked out of school, as Matteo Salvini is continuing to say in these hours, flooding the Regions with random numbers. In September the school will reopen for everyone. We have the solutions and we have the resources. And we are at work with the contribution of many. However, there are those who prefer to use the school to make propaganda. It’s very easy but also very irresponsible. “

The minister’s reference is to the press releases sent by the leader of the League during the day when he spoke of the situation affecting students from various regions of Italy: for Salvini over 180 thousand students in Lombardy risk being left out, almost 90 thousand in Puglia, over 40 thousand in Calabria.

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