Salvini unmasks Conte: “He had a mandate to sink the country”


The hope of Matteo Salvini is that the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella does not remain to watch the dramatic setback that is characterizing our country, also because there is a rather disturbing suspicion: “Here we are not alone in the face of incapacity. There is bad faith. Someone might want to damage voluntarily Italy“. A hypothesis that would see our competitors – from the Germans to the Chinese – take advantage of the crisis of our businesses and our tourism. This is a very harsh accusation against the Giallorossi government, which according to the leader of the League is doing the harm of Italy: in his opinion, even the announcement of hypothetical further closings could cause damage devastating economy. “The Lega’s proposal to only award bonuses for the purchase of products in the shop was even rejected. It is an enemy government of Italian companies and which benefits foreign ones starting from the Chinese“, he added.

The ex-Minister of the Interior did not use words to describe the Conte bis executive, who has to deal with ultimatum, quarrels and arrows every day: “It is clear that I am unable to manage the reconstruction. A government that also fights over football and soccer, but keeps schools and kindergartens closed, is a dangerous government“The risk is that they can skip the election Regional, should there be a worrying rise in the number of infections, but it is a scenario that the federal secretary of the Carroccio does not even want to imagine: “No. No. Let’s not exaggerate. Already there is a suspended democracy and a government that does not have a majority in the Senate“.

“Center-right ready to rule”

In the interview given to The truthSalvini has made it known not to exclude the possibility of the presence – within the majority – of someone who is realizing that this cannot go on: “The government will fall by the will of the Italians. They will do to them what politics cannot do for now. It will be the social and economic situation of the coming weeks that will suggest the executive to step aside“. The picture is indeed alarming, with the economic measures rejected by Confindustria, Confcommercio, Confartigianato, Federalberghi and Coldiretti. The former vice-premier, however, made a very clear promise: the center not only is he united, but he is also ready to return to leading the country. “The fact that we have presented common candidates and teams in all regions, unlike Pd and M5s, is significant. Regional elections will be important“he said. And it is certain that the League will be the first party in all the Regions where it will vote.

Finally, the League has hit hard against the government’s will to dismantle the Security decrees, especially as regards the possibility of outraging and attack public officials: with the dl in question the tenuity of the fact for those who attack a policeman was excluded, but the government would like to reintegrate it. “It is the result of an old and wrong mentality. That a lady who made the prefect, like Minister Luciana Lamorgese, will carry it forward is truly unspeakable“he concluded.

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