Safe Santiago: “Why am I not going to be equidistant? Yes, even if I’m an asshole”


Even the magazine ‘Variety’ has described as “a brave gesture” daring to premiere when nobody wants to. ‘Father there is only one 2’, the sequel to last year’s highest grossing film brings forward its premiere next Wednesday. His future is that of all cinema.

Santiago Segura premieres next Wednesday ‘Father there is only one 2’.

Next Wednesday, cinema in Spain, in general, will experience its particular decisive moment; something like an existential moment on the very edge of the Kirkegaard cliffs, which Faemino and Tired would say. Or all or nothing. The preview of the premiere of Father there is only one 2: the arrival of the mother-in-law From August 7 to next Wednesday, July 29, it has become, by chance of the pandemic, the event of the year. And in this way, the whitest and most innocent of comedies suddenly acquires the feverish pulse of the most distressing of tragedies. The exhibitors see in it the salvation table that reactivates a business under minimums; the distributors want to believe that the film will help break the fear barrier and return the moviegoer to its place, and the owners of more than one theater receive it as the remedy for an inexpensive and emotional Erte with no end in sight. . And while, Santiago Segura (Madrid, 1965) does not resist being the center of attention. Neither in the cinema nor on Twitter. Hero or villain, opportune or opportunist, the immediate future of cinema passes, whether you like it or not, through it.

How do you carry the responsibility of being singled out as the savior by much of the industry?
The only thing I can say is that my distributor (Sony) and I have decided to take this step forward because we believe that cinema needs a product. We are all in the same position: waiting for someone to take the risk to assess what to do, whether to release or postpone everything until the moment when normality arrives. If we continue like this we run the risk of dying while waiting. We originally calculated the premiere after Mulan, from Disney, and Tenetby Warner. They have withdrawn. It is impossible to know why people don’t go to the movies like this: Are they afraid or is there no offer? The truth is that a barbecue with your brother-in-law is more dangerous than going to the movies …
And it’s your turn.
I think of myself. I’m a normal guy and I haven’t been to the movies yet since I was in my forties, but if they were to release the James Bond movie I would go head first. I don’t want to make comparisons, but the first movie of which this is a sequel drew two and a half million viewers. It left a good taste in your mouth. Under normal conditions it would make three million viewers …
Are not all these reasons to leave it for later? Why take the risk?
Maybe later there won’t be any cinemas left. It’s kind of crazy, but I think it’s an act of responsibility. The film is just finished (come on, I finished it yesterday). So the sooner the better. Let’s not forget that fighting the pandemic is very hard, but fighting the pandemic and the Champions League is already …
We thought it was a comedy and his is a movie, from what he says, about a superhero …
It’s not about that. But cinema has given me a lot. This is a time when you must take a small step forward. It’s pretty, poetic, cool … Although there are also people who think that I am an imbecile psychopath … It is the right thing to do.
And what about the mother-in-law of the title? It seems to me that now we are more in the time of brothers-in-law.
That one was already in the first one. The husband, my character, is the one who in this installment falls into the brotherhood
I was asking about the mother-in-law …
She is a classic in Spanish comedy. And I would like to have something to do with the Spanish comedy of the 60s. Less with that of the 80s. I rob three o’clock, for example, it is a mythical moment. And the evident reference of this film is The family and one more. I also add a mother-in-law … and even a dog.
What relationship do you have with your mother-in-law?
Quite optimal. We treat each other with love.
Say something else and you will see …
Nerd. I adore my in-laws. My father-in-law’s paella is second to none.
Do not you think that we have gone from a naturally assumed paternity to a haunting and obsessed paternity with the son or daughter subjected to a siege of extracurricular classes, parent wasups, speech therapists, psychologists …?
The most important thing for me as a parent is that my children learn to deal with frustration. Many times we misunderstand that about happiness. Failure is part of education. My father completely ignored me and my mother, on the contrary, was very modern and lived obsessed with doing well. Life was left. Instead, one of my father’s phrases was: “I wish instead of a son I had raised a pig a year.” I imagine that virtue in this case is in the middle ground.
And what about the parent wasup?
He wasup Overall group is terrible. It is the height of tiredness. And the worst thing is that once inside you are trapped. You can neither participate too much nor be silent or leave. Whatever you do, you’re dead.
He spoke before of the virtue of the middle ground. Do you think that the film has something to say or propose in these especially arid, tense, extreme times …?
Probably. But it’s not wanted.
It’s time to talk about the equidistant tweet [en él, el cineasta llamaba a la concordia con la frase: «Qué tristeza esta España de fachas y de rojos»]…
He was trying to express, perhaps not quite rightly, that he was sick of twitching, of people insulting each other. Yes, he got on and they accused me of being equidistant because I compared fascism with I don’t know what … Maybe I did not know how to explain well, but I think that right now we have to abandon the good and bad thing. For me, the good is me and for the other, I am the bad. They told me it was against rights and liberties. But, let’s see, if that is in the Constitution. Both Bildu and Vox are the two legal parties. You may both be fat, but they are there. If you see two people sticking you invite them not to. That’s what I mean. He only appealed to dialogue …
What has happened to us so that equidistance is the worst of insults and the most despicable of positions?
No idea. I have been told on Twitter: “In moments of oppression, the neutral is with the oppressor”. Okay, fine, but what is the moment of oppression? We have a coalition government, I think quite to the left … I get lost. Why am I not going to be neutral or equidistant ?, Yes, even if I’m an asshole, but you don’t have to call me yourself, I already call myself. Guillermo del Toro once told me that never argue with an idiot because the stage of the debate is always dictated by the idiot. And it’s true.
Everything he has said is about the argument of the tweet, but what is really striking is perhaps the aggressiveness of the debate. It gives the impression that we live in a state of permanent indignation. Is the irony dead?
Twitter was fine, but now it’s very virulent. Most write to insult.
Is it Twitter or is it all of us?
I think it is a reflection on the part of society. But it is true that now you say what you say there is always someone who takes it as a personal affront. And that also affects humor. You suddenly see that certain movies like Tropic Thunder in which Robert Downey Jr. is painted black today would be a scandal … The whole world is on edge, always pissed off. If I also love to change my mind. If someone thinks differently from me and has good arguments, I am easily convinced. If instead they wish you death, then we are going badly. I see very crazy things. And also as a parent you care more about what you leave your daughters.
Some time ago he was also pointed to turns with the movement Metoo. It’s a magnet for slapping …
I remember that move. I have the impression that I’m dodging bullets. The corner is there. As soon as you stick your head out, there is always someone willing to give you. If you have a million followers, there are 100,000 who hate you to death.
Will everything that has happened and is happening make us better?
[Se ríe] Jot down laughter in response. Everything is going to be more terrible, but we always go out.

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