Sacrifice feast in corona time: morning prayer at sports park and in Olympic Stadium


The Sacrifice Feast has started today for thousands of Muslims in Amsterdam. The party normally opens with a morning prayer in the mosque, but this year is different because of the corona measures. Hundreds of people gathered this morning for prayer on large sports fields.

For example, the Blue Mosque organizes prayer today at Sportpark Riekerhaven in New West. “We have become more experienced in organizing lately,” says imam and organizer Yassin ElForkani. “It remains exciting in the end, but as you have seen, we have succeeded.” About 650 people attended the prayer in New West. Also in the Olympic Stadium this morning prayed by some 300 Muslims.


“I have done this every year of my life,” says one of the visitors to the prayer at Sportpark Riekerhaven. “I was afraid it wouldn’t go through this year, but I’m very glad it was possible.” Another is also happy that prayer continued in its adapted form. “We are living in a difficult time now, it is very difficult for everyone. I am really impressed, really happy to experience this today. ‘

Earlier this week, the congregation called for this edition of the sacrificial feast to be “extra alert” because of corona. Mayor Aboutaleb of Rotterdam even went a step further: he advised against praying in public places.

“Aboutaleb spoke more about the danger,” says ElForkani about it. “If you visit each other a lot, there is risk. We have to take that very seriously. But if you can organize it well, then do it. ”


During the Feast of Sacrifice, it is celebrated that the Prophet Ibrahim was willing to sacrifice his own son, who could be replaced at the last minute by a ram. During the festival animals are ritually slaughtered, the meat of which is eaten and distributed to the poor, neighbors and relatives.

For the AT5 program We Are Amsterdam Nesrine Madidi surveyed the atmosphere among Muslim residents of the city yesterday. The report can be viewed below:


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