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The preparations for the Feast of Sacrifice are not without a struggle this year. The number of infections with the coronavirus is increasing again, traditional visits to the slaughterhouses are not possible and the Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb calls on Muslims to ignore public prayer this year.

Just like during the Sugar Festival, Muslims have to look for alternatives. Because many Muslims agree that health is more important than a party. spoke to four Muslims about how they celebrate the Feast of Sacrifice this year.

Osmancan (22): “Usually the Feast of Sacrifice is a very important day for me. We start that day at 7:00 am in the mosque for a special prayer. After that, the feast day actually starts. We do not go to the mosque on Friday, but pray outside with each other, with a mouth mask. After the prayer the fun always starts. You talk to everyone and eat and drink well. That will be different this time. ”

“It is especially difficult for the elderly, because they will be lonely now. What I miss most about the Feast of Sacrifice is visiting family. We will meet with the family tomorrow to eat. There we will eat an animal that We have been slaughtered. Many young Muslims also contribute to a good cause during the Sacrifice Festival. I have also done that. ”

Osmancan: “Usually the Feast of Sacrifice is a very important day for me.” (Photo: Osmancan)

“We realize that health is much more important”

Nazrien (45) will not visit family tomorrow either. “In other years, my brothers always go to the Surinam-Hindustani mosque, but now nobody goes. We realize all too well that health is many times more important than a party. My mother is in the risk group and we do not want this holiday are at risk of becoming infected with the coronavirus. ”

“We have chosen this year to sacrifice an animal in the Netherlands: to people who are not well off. Because I cannot go to family, I will call family. I will miss the conviviality and Surinamese delicacies.”

Nazrien: “We are well aware that health is much more important than a party.” (Photo: Nazrien)

‘You have to look at what is possible, praying at home is also sufficient’

“We are in the same situation as during Ramadan,” says Jamila (40). “We are very aware of the seriousness of the situation. Although you notice that people are regularly tired, we realize that it is unwise to celebrate the Feast of Sacrifice this year as we normally would. However, we want to look at what is possible “We have decided to get together, but in a different form. We agree with my sisters to meet in the park. We have a carpet at a distance from each other. We provide good meat and we will prepare the barbecue. In this way we still have the fun that the Feast of Sacrifice stands for, but we take into account all measures. ”

“We don’t want to take any risks, because Islam does not allow you to do things that are bad for your body. I have chosen not to sacrifice a sheep this year. Corona does not allow you to visit a slaughterhouse, so that was not the case. We choose to send money to Morocco, to people who can use it well. “

‘It is not allowed to give a big hug now, so then via FaceTime’

Vita (27): “For me, the Feast of Sacrifice is always a special day. I am a convert and do not have an Islamic family. But on days like this I am always welcome with the family of my Muslim friends. I just belong to my friends with and I am part of the family. ”

“The Sacrifice Feast is not called Sacrifice Feast for nothing. So on that day you make a sacrifice to God, unless of course you cannot afford it. The sacrifice is a symbolic expression in which a Muslim declares his willingness to also put his own life at the service of the cause of God On this day you realize again that God is always number 1. To err on the side of corona, I chose not to have a sheep slaughtered, so I transferred money to a charity.”

“I have chosen not to visit friends on Friday. Both for their health and for myself. And a big hug is not allowed anyway, so then via FaceTime: that is also very nice.”

Vita: “It is not allowed to give a big hug now, so then via FaceTime.” (Photo: Vita)


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