Ryanair against online agencies: “They hinder refunds for canceled flights”


Ryanair fires a missile at several online travel agencies. The charge is heavy: preventing customers from receiving reimbursement for the trip canceled due to the Covid-19 emergency. Not only that, these sites, according to the Irish low-cost CEO Eddie Wilson, “ask for refunds from customers through fictitious identities and, in some cases, refuse to transfer this money to customers”.For this reason Ryanair has made it known that it has created an ad hoc procedure complete with video instructions to obtain the refund due. The procedure involves a “customer verification” which, Ryanair says, “will help the thousands of customers who have been unable to obtain a refund due to unauthorized intermediaries, who hide the contact and payment details, and therefore refuse to respond to customer requests for refund. ” That several OTAs (the English acronym for online travel agency) are complicating the lives of travelers who would like to receive a refund, is also apparent from the various emails that arrive to the expert transport of the Republic.
Ryanair speaks of companies like Last Minute.com, Kiwi.com, Last Minute.com, On The Beach and Love Holidays as “unauthorized intermediaries” and invites customers to “request a refund directly from Ryanair”. The Court of Cassation, however, on the subject has already expressed itself in November 2019, claiming that Lastminute.com – one of the best known OTAs on the web – has the right to publish the RyanAir fares on its website and to sell, in combination, also the so-called “ancillary products” (hotels, rental cars and other ancillary services) without affecting the intellectual property of the airline’s database.
For booking and paying for the Ryanair flight, these sites are simple intermediaries. The airline claims that OTAs transmit “invalid contact details by associating customer names with ‘virtual’ credit cards”, preventing refunds from being paid to those directly involved.In the meantime, it is a fact that Ryanair, like many other airlines, is very late with refunds on canceled flights. According to a survey by the consumer site Moneysavingexpert.com, only 4% of Ryanair customers have received a refund to date. And as documented with personal experience, the procedure can be long and exhausting. And it is not said that it leads to something.

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