Rushing for elections? Ganz stings and hints: “It can always happen”


The confrontation over the budget continues – and if it is not resolved, Israel is on the safe path to elections: Despite the corona crisis, it seems that the hot potato called the state budget continues to threaten coalition stability. The Likud is pressuring blue and white to support an annual budget in light of the Corona, but in Ganz’s party it seems unwilling to fold, continue to insist on a biennial budget as usual, and go on their own offensive. Meanwhile, in the main edition it was announced tonight (Thursday) that the “Derech Eretz” faction of MKs Zvi Hauser and Yoaz Handel are proposing a new compromise.

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News 12 has learned that Hauser and Handel’s faction will soon submit a new bill postponing the deadline for approving the budget and dissolving the Knesset from the current date, August 24 – the date when the Knesset will not be approved – to November, ie an extension of about three months during which time the crisis may be resolved. The goal of the two is to prevent elections, certainly not before winter, and give the unity government another chance.

At a press conference tonight where the new Corona projector was introduced, Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the budget issue in response to News 12, and sent an accusing finger at a blue-and-white man who he claims “does politics” from the state budget: “If you pass a budget – there are no elections.”

“The reason they are not transferring (the budget) is that blue and white are not willing to transfer,” Netanyahu said. “They are taking it to politics. We are operating here in joint forces, very many forces of the public. Let’s act to do what is necessary – now we need one thing. Not elections, but to pass a budget. This is one of the important things that will serve the crisis.”

Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Bnei Gantz addressed the possibility of going to the polls in an interview with Dana Weiss that will be broadcast in full on the weekend news on Saturday night. “It can always happen, but it is something that should not happen. I think elections are a bad thing for the State of Israel,” he said, refusing to name Netanyahu as a man who wants to dismantle the government. It is the same for everyone. ”

Will Hauser and Handel’s bill save the government? | Photo: Noam Ravkin Flash 90

“I do not want elections and I do not think elections are needed,” added Ganz, who said that despite the developments, he refuses to bring about the dissolution of the government. “I suggest picking up the phone to Jerusalem or jumping in there yourself and asking for it yourself. He (Netanyahu) has an agreement (with me), that’s fine. What the agreement does – it maintains political stability. What political stability does – it maintains a stable economy. And whoever wants to risk The company, and whoever wants to endanger the economy – welcome to make an election. I will not do it. What is left for me if not to do good for the country? Some honor that I do not seek it? Some salary that I do not have anyway? Nothing! “What will happen here, how will it happen here, I will give my all to the matter and if I get out of it a political ‘sucker’ – then so be it.”

Minutes after the press conference in which Netanyahu attacked Blue and White, Gantz’s party issued a much harsher response than the chairman – and in this announcement Netanyahu is already accused of wanting to dismantle the government. Corona through a long-term budget and abide by the agreement he signed two months ago. The citizens of Israel have already understood: with political exercises it is impossible to go to an ATM. ”

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