Roy praises former Ajax strikers Milik and Ibrahimovic


Well, then you both underestimate. Dismissing Kraijcek as a service miracle is really ridiculous. He had an extremely good feel for the ball, but was so tall that he looked somewhat lanky. But his passing strokes, forehand, service volley game including drop shots etc were top level. Otherwise, you don’t beat Sampras in a home game at Wimbledon. Did you think it was no match for service cannons?Truly the only reason that he was not structurally in the top was his injuries. That is also known in the tennis world. When fit he was world class.

Milik is not a world level, but he combines that great left with playing the space very well and choosing his moments. It is difficult to classify: no starting point, no real football player striker, no counters striker that pays off at speed, no goal thief. But it is no coincidence that he is so popular and performs so well at Napoli.

I also think Roy is really an empty shell. Has nothing to say, never analyzes on the content, but mainly tries to frown intelligently.

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