Roxeanne Hazes after reunion with brother André: ‘The fault lies with me’ | NOW


Roxeanne Hazes and her brother André recently met again for the first time in five years. The two had argued for years, but have now made up for it and have met with their families. The singer tells Private that she regrets how it turned out.

“There are reasons why I did not support him at the time. I do not want to say that these were good reasons. The fault is definitely mine. I should not have gone from one side of the story and I unfortunately did done, “said Roxeanne Hazes in the magazine.

“Because of this, we haven’t seen each other in all these years and we missed a lot of beautiful moments. Just because I was partial to this situation. I was behind my mother.”

Brother and sister met at the singer’s house, after earlier contact between Roxeanne and her sister-in-law Monique. “Actually by the children. They came along one day (to Holland sings Hazes, ed.) and visited each other. We were really like, look at this. Shouldn’t they just be able to play with each other? When we left, we hugged and kept in touch. ”

In an interview that took place before the reunion, André said that he is also happy that there is contact again and that Roxeanne apologized. “The words that she now feels differently about the situation, because she is a mother herself.” I was behind Mom, but I should never have done that. You are my brother and I have lost you for too long. ” Then you have me and then it is good again. I am very happy with that. I really mean that. ”

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