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Gidi Lipkin 30/07/2020 14:11

Oded Katash (Shahar Gross)

Oded Katash (Shahar Gross)

Following the revelation by ONE of the summons of the Israel national team coach, Oded Katash, for a pre-dismissal hearing, today (Thursday) the coach sent a letter to the basketball association’s chairman, Amiram Halevi, through his lawyers Dafna Shmuelevich and Zohar Geva, in which he responds to the summons and demands documents.

The letter reads, among other things: “It is clear that the union has decided, in a manifestly illegal manner, to release itself from the binding contract it made with Mr. Katash. “In the first stage, the union tried to temporarily exempt itself from meeting the payments it undertook, by illegally issuing Mr. Katsh to the Knesset, and now the union is trying to evade the entire contract.

Oded Katash (Itzik Blanitzky) Oded Katash (Itzik Belnitsky)

A review of the summons to the hearing clearly shows that the union does not attribute to Mr. Katsch a breach of his duties as a coach or a breach of the code of ethics. In practice, the opposite is true: Mr. Katsch’s insistence on his rights, and on the observance of the contract, is in fact the fulfillment of his duty according to the code of ethics. The principle of honoring contracts is a value that conforms to the values ​​of the State of Israel, and Mr. Katash’s demand that the contract with him be honored is an insistence on a moral and ethical matter, exactly as stated in the bylaws. “It is unfortunate to discover that the union does not adopt rules of ethics and morals, prefers to ignore the serious damage to the construction and empowerment process that our client leads in the national team, and does not put before him the good of Israeli basketball, only against the CEO’s personal and petty account.”

It was also written: “To these it should be added, that the basketball association is a public body, or ambiguous. Thus, he owes increased obligations of transparency; good intentions; Existence of contracts and consideration of the public interest. Since there is no ground for dismissal against our client, and the union grossly violates the contract he signed – the union will in any case be charged the payments stipulated in the contract until the end of its validity. These amount, in terms of the employer’s cost, to approximately NIS 750,000 and in the sum of the amounts claimed so far – approximately NIS 1 million, without yet including my client’s damages due to a fundamentally invalid dismissal procedure. “This is a blatant and irresponsible waste of public money, when Mr. Katsch is worthy and willing to fulfill his contract to the end.”


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