Rotterdam is getting excited about solar panels Inland


It is a growth of 43 percent in one year. The number of solar panels on roofs in the Maasstad has more than doubled since 2018: from 100,000 to more than 200,000. Councilor Arno Bonte is happy. “The solar projects are shooting up like mushrooms, on school roofs, sports canteens and business parks. At this rate, Rotterdam is fast becoming the solar energy capital of the Netherlands. Within five years, we want to grow to more than a million panels. ”


According to the municipality, Overschie is the district that achieved the greatest growth with a doubling of the number of panels to 15,630. The former borough of Prince Alexander is currently a frontrunner with the number of installed solar panels, namely 30,780 units. A close second is Charlois with 17,040 solar panels installed.

Just like last year, the number of panels in the port area grew the most. There, that number grew by no less than 147 percent in the past year to 41,540. This is a rapid implementation of the agreement in the Rotterdam Climate Agreement.

The municipality supports companies with a free roof scan to assess whether their building is suitable for solar panels.


Schools are also actively supported in the realization of solar roofs and the city is making solar panels easily accessible to residents of the South with a tight grant.

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