Roskachestvo told how to recognize fake lotteries – RT in Russian


Roskachestvo gave recommendations on how to recognize fake lotteries.

This was reported by NTV.

“As you know, where the most human emotions are, there will always be people who are not clean at hand,” said Ilya Loevsky, deputy head of Roskachestvo.

According to one of the schemes, a letter can be sent to e-mail with confirmation of registration on the website of an unknown company or with a notification of a special drawing. In fact, the message will contain a malicious link.

Another scheme is a message about a large win, for which you must first pay a “tax fee” or “customs duty”.

It is recommended to check the site of the lottery organizer, and do not follow the link from the letter, but type the name in the search yourself. The main sign of fraud is if they ask for money and promise to return more.

Previously, an expert in the field of information security, professor of the Department of Digital Forensics at the Moscow State Technical University. N.E. Baumana Vitaly Vekhov in an interview with Nation News told how to protect yourself from bank fraudsters.

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