Ronen Zohar has been appointed Deputy CEO of the Strauss Group


The Strauss Group appoints a Deputy CEO. Giora Bar-De’a, President and CEO of the Strauss Group, today appointed Ronen Zohar as Deputy CEO of the Strauss Group. The last person to serve as Deputy CEO was Bar-Da’a himself, under Gadi Lesin, who retired two years ago. .

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Ronen Zohar is the Deputy CEO of the Strauss Group

Zohar, who currently serves as CEO of Strauss Water, will continue in his position until the end of this year, and at the same time the search for a CEO for the water company will begin.

In his role as Deputy CEO, Zohar will play a significant role in preparing the Group to meet the challenges of the future.

Zohar Married + 3 resident of Kidron, started about 30 years ago as a food technologist and sales manager at Elite Maluchim and then was appointed CEO of Elite Maluchim. In his next position, he served as CEO of Strauss Dairies and then was appointed CEO of Sabra and Ovala. And expanded from the United States to Canada, Mexico and Australia. Upon his return to Israel, he was appointed CEO of Strauss Water, which operates in Israel, England and China.

Bar-De’a said: “Zohar’s in-depth knowledge of the group’s business, his global experience in managing partnerships, as well as his diverse experience in leading complex change processes in each of the companies he has managed in recent years will help us build synergistic processes in the group to take the next leap.”

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