Ronaldo and Dybala: the understanding that does not exist but works. What if the key was to ignore it?


What if the key to coexistence was ignoring each other? For months, among those who follow the affairs of the Juventus house, there has been only one question. What is also, with excellent probability, in the head of Maurizio Sarri. But Cristiano Ronaldo is Paulo Dybala can they play together? The coexistence between a center forward who is not a “true” center forward and an outsider who has won the Ballon d’Or five times but to return does not even think about it by mistake: a mission that seemed impossible. Rich in class but poor in centimeters, unlike Benzema and Mandzukic, the Argentine. Full of everything, but game centralizer, the Portuguese. One steals the scene from the other. And, given that ubi maior minor cessatDybala was willingly to pay the costs.

They are not sought. But they find the goal. The restart of the championship instead tells the story of one Old lady dragged from 7 and 10: always in goal in the first three Serie A matches after the second half. Once before Ronaldo, twice before Dybala. The exultation of one stimulates the other, and vice versa. It is the perfect harmony, without any understanding. Because, after many unsuccessful attempts, in fact CR7 and the Joya they are no longer sought. Indeed, against Genoa, Ronaldo was often and willingly ignored by other teammates. But the two of them really exchange only if forced. Yet everyone finds glory. It is the triumph of individualism over Sarrian collectivism, but sometimes perhaps it is better to look at the particular and leave out the general. Look for the fact and not the concept. The thing is, Dybala and Ronaldo have started running, each for his team, and Madama gloats. The concept is that if two with those feet, that head and that ability to be decisive, began to reason for each other, more fireworks would arise. Or maybe not, because sometimes the best understanding is to go each one on his own way. Ronaldo and Dybala have started to follow it, and are delighting Juve. Just work, someone said.


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