Rome with its back against the wall: now even Zaniolo is not unreliable


LATEST NEWS AS ROMA – “Rome, nobody is non-transferable “. This is how today’s edition of Corriere dello Sport, which tells inside how the Giallorossi club is now with his back to the wall given the accounts that continue to deteriorate.

Failure to qualify for the next Champions League, an event that over time becomes more concrete, will cause further economic damage. Now Rome can only sell. And also Zaniolo now it cannot be considered non-transferable.

The sacrifice of the young yellow and red talent could be essential and the Rome when faced with an offer from 60-70 million cannot say no. Also for Pellegrini, which has a termination clause, the same holds true. Meanwhile, the first to leave will be Cengiz Under.

Source: Corriere dello Sport

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