Rome waste, seized by the Prosecutor Tmb Ama di Rocca Cencia


The Rome prosecutor has seized the Tmb of Rocca Cencia di Ama in a precautionary manner, the plant with which the municipal waste of the Capitoline stabilizes the unsorted waste. The intervention concerns the part of the plant that deals with waste stabilization. Luigi Palumbo, who has the same role for Colari, has been appointed as judicial administrator.

The deed was signed by prosecutors Carlo Villani and Luigia Spinelli. As far as we know, current managers of Ama would be investigated or retired such as Massimo Bagatti, Stefano Bina, Marco Casonato, Emanuela Lategano, Riccardo Stracqualarsi and Pietro Zotti. Everything starts from an investigation opened last year by the Public Prosecutor of Rome after complaints from residents on the fumes produced by the treatment of waste.

According to the experts’ reports, the Rocca Cencia Tmb is defective. The quality of the waste produced by this facility is too often below the legal standards. A result that is the result of a plant that generally works poorly. The technicians appointed by the Prosecutor arrived at this conclusion. Consultants who, in recent days, have deposited their report on the desk of the magistrates holding the file. Pm who now evaluate to change the title of crime in unauthorized waste management.

The report points the finger at the entire structure, questioning the effective functioning of the whole machine. In short, this is an extremely heavy appraisal that certifies, once more, the state in which the waste treatment system is in the capital managed by Ama, the municipal company of the municipality of Rome. The Tmb in via Salaria has in fact been closed since September 2019, while that of Rocca Cencia (both are owned by Ama) is malfunctioning. It is therefore an entire model close to collapse, which requires extreme caution in the investigation of this file by investigators.

For Ama, this seizure could be a serious blow, given that after the fire involving the Tmb Salario, that of Rocca Cencia is the only plant owned by via Calderon de La Barca to do the mechanical-biological treatment for the separation of the wet fraction from the dry fraction, indispensable to recycle part of the waste or transform it into Cdr (fuel derived from waste), which finally produces energy.

In these hours Ama is trying to understand what effects this provision will have on the production cycle of the plant, which processes 234 thousand tons of unsorted waste every year. If it were to close the Tmb, Rome would return to a dangerous waste emergency. As it seems, the appointment of a “custodian” for the part of the plant that deals with the stabilization of the waste suggests that the prosecutor wants to resolve the critical issues in this part of the supply chain and make the process of transformation of the materials work better.

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