Rome, the wrath of the fans: “Unworthy match, they must be ashamed. Fonseca in tilt “


ROME“You are taking away the desire to cheer, we can’t take it anymore”. Another year of disappointments, the supporters after the defeat of Rome at the Olimpico against Udinese unleashed on social networks between critical, controversy and also a lot resignation. “Team without ideas, personalities, attributes. But when do you bring out some pride and behave like men?”. Furious Romanists on Twitter and Facebook, nobody is saved from the performance against the Friulians: “You must be ashamed – he writes Matteo -, I saw a group of listless players, without malice and anger. A group of players who cannot be called a team. You made me lose the desire to watch Rome, this is your biggest defeat “.

Rome unwatchable, knockout with Udinese

“The problem is mine that I still watch you play. An unworthy performance against Udinese who had not yet won since the resumption of the championship. There is no game, there is no balance, there is no desire to fight for win. The season is already over for them. “. At the center of controversy also the choices of Fonseca: “I have defended him to this day, but now there are no more excuses. He has fielded an absurd, hallucinating eleven holder. Under out of role, Perotti who never plays as a central midfielder, Kalinic in attack, Diawara who is slow and out of condition Without speaking of Bruno Peres, incomparable. But what’s wrong with him? “, he writes Luca. “Fonseca is not understanding us anymore. I saw him arms folded and head down after the Udinese goal. It reminds me of Spalletti in confusion”. Anna comments: “I don’t see a modicum of tactics and play in this team, but why then doesn’t it change form? The players don’t make it, the team can’t shoot and score. So this moment will never be overcome”.

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Inevitably the controversy arrive on who manages the team: “Players bought by a sports director now suspended, as usual chaos reigns in Trigoria. Bernardini is the usual powder keg that unleashes the team. Every year always the same story. Trust Pallotta, sell this club for 575 million, because according to I’m not worth half as much as we see on the pitch “, Dario’s outburst.

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