Rome, Fonseca’s doubts and fears of an exemption


A tortoise line protects Paulo Fonseca. The most important players have reassured the management: they have not downloaded it, they will even try to save it because they value it. Plus yesterday James Pallotta chirped a strong message from the US: «The future of Fonseca is not in question. Has my total support ». And even the fans seem to agree with the president for once: in the banners displayed yesterday near Trigoria, the aim is “only” the management and the team. Yet the Rome approaches with enormous concern the direct clash for the fifth place against Napoli. Paradoxically, it is precisely the above reasons that do not reassure the coach: if a president comes out of the closet to confirm confidence, if managers consider it appropriate to listen to the team’s opinion, it means that the company is really reflecting on a possible change of helmsman . Hope a Trigoria is that the lowest point was touched against Udinese. Because exonerating Fonseca from a compromised championship, after having already defenestrated Petrachi, would mean dismantling another technical project without guaranteeing immediate improvement. What level of coach, in the current financial conditions of Rome, could be reached? Moreover, with a probable change of ownership in the coming months, what is needed today could become useless tomorrow in the face of new executive cadres.


Fonseca, for its part, tries to flaunt normality in the 8 and a half minutes of virtual conference that precedes the trip (all day: departure this morning, return tonight). He does not contemplate the possibility of resigning, even if the tenth defeat arrives at San Paolo, nor does he expect to be exonerated: «I never felt abandoned. I feel the support of the company, the managers, the president ». But after the midweek defeat he had used the prophetic expression (“I’m disgusted”) already used before the removal of Garcia is Di Francesco. “Not all things went wrong against Udinese – continues Fonseca – ma it is clear that nobody can be happy with our moment. The fans are not and neither am I. But as I’ve said before, budgets are done at the end. There are 9 games left and then there is the Europa League. I just have to think about finding the solutions that improve the team’s performance, we can’t think it’s all over ».

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