Roccella Jonica migrants: 28 coronavirus positive


There are 28 coronavirus positives in the group of 70 migrants who landed on Saturday in Roccella Jonica, on the coasts of Calabria. the result of the first swabs performed a few hours after arrival from the hospital in Reggio Calabria. The foreigners, all of Pakistani nationality, were sorted into reception centers in the area and placed in solitary confinement. The group includes 48 adults and 20 minors. The group had been spotted in the early afternoon on a boat off the Ionian coast and landed with the help of the Red Cross staff. This is the second landing in the area in ten days and which sees the coasts of Calabria and Puglia as the terminal of the route of migrants from Greece and Turkey.

Saturday saw a strong recovery in arrivals of boats on the Italian coast. The greatest pressure concerns the island of Lampedusa where in 48 hours 791 refugees have landed, mostly sailed from Tunisia. Migrants usually arrive in small groups, on boats perhaps put in the water a few miles from the coast by the so-called mother ships. More than 700 foreigners were in the Lampedusa hotspot, a structure capable of hosting 100 people. Immediate support interventions were requested by the mayor tot Martello and by the governor of Sicily in the Musumeci. Again all new arrivals were swabbed and quarantined.

July 12, 2020 (change July 12, 2020 | 00:18)


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