Roads to Zandvoort and Bloemendaal close when it gets too busy


The roads to Zandvoort, Bloemendaal and other attractions may be closed in the coming days if there are too many visitors there.

Parking spaces can also be closed. The Kennemerland Safety Region warns of traffic measures ‘as soon as it gets too crowded in places’, which means that it is no longer possible to keep a distance.

More corona infections Kennemerland

The number of corona infections has also increased in Kennemerland in the past week. In the region, for example, some people have become ill as a result of an outbreak surrounding a café in Hillegom, just across the provincial border in South Holland.

According to Marianne Schuurmans, mayor of Haarlemmermeer and chair of the security region, people are becoming casual and laconic. The security region therefore wants to take action against illegal parties. “It seems less and less necessary to keep distance at parties and drinks or at the barbecue. In addition, we do not see in all supermarkets and shops that shopping trolleys and baskets are cleaned equally well, while this was done so well before. ”

Amsterdam warns against crowds

The expected summer weather and Pride Amsterdam are expected to lead to a busy weekend in the capital. The municipality therefore announces additional measures. Day trippers are called on to change their visit to a weekday.

A photo of a Pride demonstration on Museumplein
Also last weekend there was a demonstration in Museumplein during the Pride week. Photo: ANP / Olaf Kraak

Access to areas with popular catering for the LGBTI community is dosed and hosts and traffic controllers must manage the crowds in various places. Visitors to cafes in Reguliersdwarsstraat must make a reservation.

Dots demonstration canceled

Although there are no parties or events in the context of the Pride, there would be a demonstration against gay and transphobic violence on Museumplein on Saturday. A maximum of 7000 demonstrators can go here. Dots would be placed on the square, so that everyone can keep sufficient distance. The organization already canceled the demonstration on Thursday evening, because too many people are expected.

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Roads to Zandvoort and Bloemendaal close when it gets too busy


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