Roads to beach may be blocked again


With the summer weather, many visitors are expected in the coming days at beaches and other attractions. In the Kennemerland Safety Region (VRK), additional traffic measures are taken as soon as it gets too crowded in places, such as blocking roads or closing parking spaces.

The municipalities in Kennemerland share current information about the (traffic) measures through their own channels.

It is no longer possible to keep a distance during busy periods and unsafe situations can arise. The following applies to everyone: avoid crowds, stick to the basic rules (keep your distance, wash your hands, etc.) and stay at home with colds. In addition, have yourself tested for complaints.

Marianne Schuurmans, president of the Kennemerland Safety Region, says: “Make it a habit to keep 1.5 meters away from others. Even when you meet at home with family or friends, because we see in this region that infections are more common in the domestic environment. Communicating in a healthy and safe way is crucial to keep the virus under control together. ”

The number of infections is increasing, also in this region. “It is not only the figures that concern us,” Schuurmans continues, “but also the behavior of some people. We observe that compliance with the measures is handled laconically. At parties and drinks or at the barbecue, keeping distance seems less and less necessary. In addition, we do not see in all supermarkets and shops that shopping trolleys and baskets are cleaned equally well, while this was done so well before. ”

Society cannot afford a nonchalant attitude to compliance with measures, according to the chairman of the security region. “That is why illegal parties must be over. We will act sharply against this. Young people are infected and take it home, which infects parents, but also grandparents. We must prevent the number of infections from growing further and lead to an increase in the number of hospital admissions. Our healthcare workers are just recovering from the first corona wave. It is extremely important that we continue to engage in appropriate behavior to keep the virus under control together. ”


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