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The village of Al-Ruzaiqat Qebli, south of Luxor, hosted 500 Sudanese stranders, who had blocked their way to return to Sudan, for a period of three days. In the framework of a pure popular effort, the people embraced the stranded people and extended a helping hand to them, until it was confirmed that they could return and bid them farewell to the gates of the village.

A young man from Rizeigat before me, called by “Emirates Today” from Cairo, named Ashraf Mohamed, said that “the villagers discovered, by passing note, that there were 11 buses on the desert road, parked in front of the roundabout leading to the valley along the village, which is carrying about 500 Sudanese, turned out after their question They were suspended after a sudden decision to close the Egyptian-Sudanese land port, which is located in southern Egypt on the Sudanese side, as part of a measure taken to combat the spread of Corona. “In the beginning, the people spontaneously set out offering help with water and food to the stranded, and then the people, and they realized that the crisis might go on, led the buses to the village squares,” Muhammad added.

“The Rizeigat youth before me, who earlier organized a civil initiative to support the unorganized employment of the people of the village, and in a way that no one felt, acquired the thought and experience that enabled them to manage the crisis of the stranded smoothly, so they launched an initiative to support the Sudanese brothers.”

Muhammad pointed out that “the human nature converging between the people in southern Egypt and the brothers in southern Sudan created a common intimate atmosphere, in which there is hardly a distinction between the people of the two countries, and I do not exaggerate if I say that the people of Rizeigat, as they mentioned themselves, had a feeling of missing companions, after the departure Sudanese, where good atmosphere and friendships were spread in that short period.

He said, “The Rizeigat opened their homes and bureaus to the Sudanese brothers, and they dealt with all groups with the care they deserve, and focused on medicine for people with certain diseases. They prepared some cafeterias for the guests … in short they did everything they could do.”

In response to a question about his knowledge of the existence of a link between “Rizeigat Egypt” and “Rizeigat Sudan”, Mohamed said, “We hear these words and do not know whether it is true or not, but when we went out and received the Sudanese brothers, we were not motivated by this relationship, if true, We were going to receive any stranded people. ”

For its part, the Egyptian charitable activist, Manar Al-Qadi, said that she “communicated with the Grand Imam, Sheikh Al-Azhar, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, and informed him of the crisis of the Sudanese stranded, who in turn contacted the Minister of Local Development and other officials to follow up on the crisis,” according to the newspaper Al-Dustour. Egyptian.

It is worth noting that the village of Sheikh Al-Azhar (Al-Qurna), in the same governorate as the village of Rizeigat (Luxor), is located a few kilometers from the village.

Historical novels

The Sudanese journalist residing in Cairo, and the son of the Rizeigat tribe, Musa Rahuma, told «Emirates Today» that “there are historical accounts that confirm the existence of a close link between Rizeigat Egypt and Rizeigat Sudan, since the Turkish era, and they link each other with commercial interests in the camel trade, and they have Columns are in Dongola and Upper Egypt, and there is a large group of Rizeigat Sudan in Al-Munib in Giza Governorate, and they have contact with the Rizeigat Sudan so far. And he added his mercy, “As for Rizeigat Armant, if they have common roots with the Sudanese, they are now fully integrated into Egyptian society.”

The close human nature of the people in southern Egypt and the brothers in South Sudan has created a common intimate atmosphere, in which there is almost no differentiation between the people of the two countries.

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