RIVM: ‘worrying increase’, number of new corona infections almost doubled


RIVM also reports that 7 people died last week, one less than last week.

19 people had to be hospitalized, slightly more than the 16 admissions from a week ago.

The reproduction number R, which says how many people on average infect a corona patient, is 1.29 this week. This means that the spread of the coronavirus is increasing again. If the R is below 1, the spread of the virus is slowed down.

There is a bandwidth in that R, because there is uncertainty in the calculation. But that bandwidth is now completely above 1. That is the first time since March 15.

‘It is important to continue to adhere to the measures’

RIVM calls the increase in the number of infections ‘worrying’. “To prevent the virus from spreading further, it is important that people adhere to the measures,” the institute writes.

It is about keeping a distance, washing hands, sneezing and coughing in the elbow, but also about staying at home, working from home and testing at the first complaints.

Local outbreaks

At the peak of the corona outbreak in early April, more than 1,300 infections were diagnosed daily. Since the end of June, the number of new infections was less than 100 per day, but that was a lot more last week.

In total, 52,073 corona infections have now been diagnosed in the Netherlands. 11,902 patients had to be hospitalized and 6,136 people died from an infection.

Many infections have been detected in South Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht and North Holland in particular. RIVM sees many local outbreaks. There are currently 96 active clusters known in the Netherlands.

Usually it concerns a family, but there are also more and more infections at work and as a result of parties, going out or visiting family and friends. In such a cluster, three or more people become infected, for example within one company or family. For example, a café in Hillegom appeared to be linked to at least 23 infections.

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