“Riccione Happy Days”, the Green Pearl looks for young “editors” to be told


Riccione is a concentrate of energy, a living laboratory of lifestyles for a young target looking towards the future. This is why the Riccione Turismo Consortium – a product club that associates accommodation facilities and not only – has decided to promote the area by relying on the Under 30s and Generation Z, the digital natives who speak the language of modernity. “Because never as in this season do we need to see what surrounds us with the optimism of youth.” With Riccione Happy Days, in collaboration with the Doc-Com communication agency, Riccione Turismo is preparing to launch a new integrated communication project, with an online platform and a blog at the center. The goal is to tell the Romagna town like no one has ever done it before, reviewing activities, experiences and events with the charge of enthusiasm typical of young people.

The first stage of the project is scouting. Through a call, the young editors of the Happy Days blog, the new online magazine, will be identified. Their identikit: they will be young people from Riccione or visitors to the locality, brilliant and curious minds, skilled with the pen and technology. The people selected will undergo ad hoc training to improve their ability to use video and web media. The editors of Doc-Com (www.doc-com.it) will be joined by the director Marco Valeriani and Veronica Frison, foodblogger of CucinoPerTeScemo and social media manager. Applications can be submitted by Wednesday 8 July to [email protected] Thursday 9 the cognitive interviews will be set in Riccione. Those who join the editorial team on the 10th will take part in an intense full immersion training day. From Monday 13 the editorial office will be operational.

Once they have been selected, the Riccione Happy Days reporters will form a close-knit team ready to immerse themselves in the life of Riccione: they will carry out interviews, intercept trends, and tell from a personal perspective everything that happens interesting in the locality. Special sections will be dedicated to wellness, food, entertainment, shopping, sport and all that can be experienced on the spot: first-class information and goodies for those who want to discover the town. This will enhance those who work daily to make the myth of Riccione, an iconic location on the coast, live: hotels, campsites and residences, beaches, restaurants, bars, boutiques, commercial activities and services. The brand reputation of the magazine will be based on interaction and authentic relationship with the territory: the editors will learn about Riccione so well that it becomes its testimonials, the public and young face.

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The blog, however important, is only one component of the project. Riccione Happy Days is an articulated platform: the various social channels, as well as targeted newsletters, will relaunch the posts and give life to a lively and dynamic choral narration, constantly updated. Happy Days will become Riccione’s photography today, but above all, in perspective, a vision of what tomorrow will be like.

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