RFU President spoke about the situation with the introduction of amendments to the RPL charter


President of the Russian Football Union (RFU) Alexander Dyukov commented on rumors of changes to the charter of the Russian Premier League (RPL).

It was reported that the item about the possibility of early resignation of the head of the RPL Sergei Pryadkin disappeared from there.

“I thought it was a misunderstanding. Then Pryadkin called and confirmed it. It’s hard for me to comment on this somehow. This story happened with the RPL, and Sergei Gennadievich reacted quickly. I think the issue is closed, “Dyukov stated.

In early 2020, rumors about the conflict between the RFU and Pryadkin, as well as the imminent deprivation of this functionary of the powers of the president of the league, were actively spread.

Earlier it was reported that Dyukov promised to inquire about the reason for the absence of Leonid Fedun at the meeting of the RFU executive committee.

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