[REVIEW] Logitech MX Keys: Keyboard for your Mac


Since March we have been working at home as much as possible. Once we went to the office to discuss something. But beyond that, it is my home office that is sacred. It is also useful to have a good setup. Meanwhile, I have managed reasonably well with my Macbook on a nice stand and connected to a large screen. In terms of keyboard, I used an Apple keyboard. A nice thing, but it does work with a wire and somehow my USB-C to USB dongle doesn’t always grab it. In that respect, the Logitech MX Keys is a nice alternative.

The Logitech MX Keys for Mac is a keyboard that is specially released as a Mac variant. You already had another variant that you could connect via Bluetooth, but it did not become as a keyboard specifically for Apple products. I used it in my setup for a while and these are the points that I noticed.

Logitech MX Keys has a nice color

First, I like the color of the Logitech MX Keys for Mac. The space gray look actually fits my space gray MacBook perfectly, and for someone who likes to have a clean desk, that combination is really great. Especially compared to my standard white keyboard that I used for my MacBook. So if you want to keep everything in the same style, this color has an edge.

Fits well in your setup (Image: Logitech)

For Mac and iPad

Another useful point of the Logitech MX Keys for Mac is that it is at home in multiple markets. You can use it one moment for your MacBook or iMac, while you connect it to your iPad the following night to quickly write something on it. That way you are nice and flexible. Now of course this applies to many keyboards, but the advantage of this is that it is also completely made for the Apple products in terms of layout. That way you can easily use all the different function keys that you are used to.

The Logitech MX Keys types pretty damn good

The most important thing about a keyboard is that you can type on it. Especially when you use more than 3,000 words a day, it is nice that you are not constantly messing with the keys. In that respect, the Logitech MX Keys for Mac is quite good. There is enough space between the keys, and because they are somewhat round on the inside, you feel the keys very well. The tapping itself is fairly silent and requires little force. It actually works pretty much the same as your MacBook and that is a nice keyboard in itself (as long as no dirt gets in and buttons no longer work).

Tikkerdetikkerdetik (Image: Logitech)

Battery lasts a long time

If you are someone who uses his keyboard quite intensively and is afraid that you have to charge it every so often, I have good news: the Logitech MX Keys for Mac should last ten days without problems if used intensively. And that can get a lot longer if you decide not to use the backlighting, which I do not recommend because it is a nice point, then it should last about five months. If it is still up, you can easily charge it via a USB-C to USB-C cable. So no hassle with a dongle to charge it from your new variant MacBook.

No battery problems (Image: Logitech)

Also works well in the dark

The Logitech MX Keys for Mac has a handy backlight function, which you can turn off if you find it annoying. I really find it a relief. Especially when I am writing in the evenings and do not want to have my light on in my office, because my children are bothered by it, I can still see what I am doing on my keyboard. Of course, typing blind is my standard mode, but when you make a mistake or are looking for a function button, that backlight really works wonders.

Logitech MX Keys
No light? No problem (Image: Logitech)

The Logitech MX Keys for Mac is now available. Do you want to read more about keyboards? Then visit our overview page here.

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[REVIEW] Logitech MX Keys: Keyboard for your Mac


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