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Hardware giant Logitech has been around for years when it comes to peripherals for your computer. Their range includes mice, keyboards, headsets, controllers, webcams and much more. They’ve also had a gaming division under the Logitech G wing for quite a few years. Gaming hardware is released below, including the new Logitech G915 TKL, a compact wireless keyboard.

The relatively small box soon shows that this model is a lot more compact than you may be used to from every keyboard. This is partly because the numpad on the right has been removed. The well-known M buttons, which are often placed on the left side of Logitech G keyboards, have also been removed. These macro buttons can be programmed to perform various actions or profiles. These are now very cleverly placed under the F1 through the F4 buttons. This button has a double function, which you often see with laptops, but you save the space of an extra physical button. All this makes the G915 TKL particularly compact. What also immediately stands out is the weight and solidity of the keyboard. This is partly due to the brushed metal housing. This not only provides extra strength, but due to the weight, the keyboard will not move quickly when you are gaming intensively.

What is also striking are the fairly flat keys. Where the standard keyboards often have fairly high buttons, this is not the case with the Logitech G915 TKL. They are very low above the surface, yet have a clear mechanical switch underneath. The keyboard is available in different versions, of which only the mechanical switches make the difference. Logitech’s own switches are used, making the keyboard available with GL-Clicky, GL-Tactile or GL-Linear switches. The latter is most similar to standard keyboards. It’s just a tactile, yet fluid keystroke where the sound, unlike the other switches, is minimal. This is nice when you use the keyboard for a long time when other people are nearby. The ticking sound is not pleasant to everyone. The CL-Tactile comes just above with a noticeable back pressure and therefore makes a little more noise. The GL-Clicky owes its name to the click sound and also has a clearly noticeable back pressure that you have to press the key through.

Logitech G915 TKL

The Logitech G915 TKL comes standard with a USB cable and a wireless dongle. The keyboard can be used completely wirelessly. Nowadays, wireless peripherals are often not the desired hardware for many gamers, but thanks to the LIGHTSPEED technology, the response time is no less than 1ms. This ensures that there is no delay during gaming. Of course you always have the option to use it wired. Another nice feature is that it can also be connected via Bluetooth. You do not need both the cable and the dongle for this. You only need to connect the cable when the built-in battery is empty. This makes the keyboard suitable for almost every situation and every workplace and you can even pair it with multiple devices. The G915 TKL, like many other gaming hardware, features RGB lighting under the buttons. This lighting can also be adjusted as desired and there are no fewer than 16 million different colors available. The synchronization option allows you to combine it with other Logitech gaming hardware so that they all use the same color.

Unfortunately, the Logitech G915 TKL is not the cheapest keyboard. For the suggested retail price of € 229, it can even be called quite pricey. Nevertheless, you do get a particularly sturdy and fully functional gaming keyboard in return. This in combination with the wide connection options and the small size makes this an excellent keyboard for many gamers. Especially when they regularly visit a LAN party, a compact and especially sturdy keyboard is very nice.

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