Review LG Tone Free earbuds: ‘Tones and I’



  • decent noise reduction
  • UVnano technology
  • button design


  • audio quality
  • not always comfortable

LG Tone Free is the latest range of wireless earbuds with noise reduction. The Koreans started working in collaboration with Meridian. This is our conclusion.

LG launched new earbuds at the beginning of this year. Under the name Tone Free, it came up with earbuds in collaboration with audio giant Meridian. Okay, a few earbuds. But not just a few, the LG Tone Free has a cleaning case with which your earbuds are 100% bacteria-free for just under a second. A nice selling point in this special period. But the most important thing remains the audio quality, so we put the Tone Free in our ears and started working on it.


You could say that the design of each pair of earbuds is the same. However, we would like to say something about the LG Tone Free. Okay, they do indeed look like Apple’s AirPods, but you can hardly ignore that. However, I think the Tone Free has a nice and sleek design. In comparison to the doorknobs from Sony (WF1000-XM3), these LGs still score a lot higher in design.

They have a glossy finish and are not too big in the ears. They are equipped with two rubber ear cups, which should make the wearing comfort better. Although that was a disappointment, but more about that later. The Tone Free receive a matching charging case with which you can also make your buds bacteria-free. The case is small and round and fits perfectly in your pocket. Also a plus!

LG Tone Free
The cleanest earbuds ever.

Tone Free: Bacterievrij

As you already know, these Tone Free earbuds have a matching charging case that, based on UV light, also makes your ears bacteria-free. According to a study that LG indicates on the website, there are on average more than 100,000 bacterial colonies on your ears. According to the study, that’s 2,700 times more bacteria than on a kitchen knife. Most people clean their earbdus themselves, but if you don’t, you have an increased chance of ear infections, especially if you are going to exchange with your friend.

Under the heading UVnano (UV and nanometer), the charging case with UV light could eradicate about 99.9% of all bacteria. This concerns all bacteria that are on the rubber surface of the earplugs. Based on the blue UV light in the case, you know that it is busy making propellers. A nice extra with which LG can distinguish itself and you know that you always have clean earbuds in your ears.

LG Tone Free
In terms of specifications, the Tone Free’s should not be inferior.

App & specs

For additional functions, you can use the accompanying mobile app. Tone Free is available for iOS & Android and, for example, makes it possible to give the touch buttons on your earbuds a different function. Overall, it’s a stable app that connects smoothly to your earbuds in 90 percent of cases.

In the Tone Free app you can switch the ambient mode on or off, adjust your equalizer, manage the volume and lock the touchpad controls on the earbuds so that you don’t accidentally touch another song. A nice extra is that you can ask the app to read incoming messages and notifications. The Free Tone app also has a ‘find my earbuds’ function on board. So if your Tone Free earbuds are nearby, you can use the tool in the app to play a sound so that you have them back immediately. Do not test this function if you have them in your ears, the sound hurts your ears. A warning that LG also clearly indicates in the app.

Tone Free specifications:

  • Load: fast charging in 5 minutes gives you 1 hour of playtime
  • Waterproof: IPX4 rats against sweat and raindrops
  • Driver: 6mm Meridian Sound
  • Listening time: 6 hours, 18 hours with charging case
  • Talk time: 5 hours, 15 hours with charging case
  • Extra: Google Assistant, Siri, fast pairing
LG Tone Free
A small handy case that fits perfectly in your pocket.


LG has released a nice pair of earbuds in collaboration with Meridian. Although I am not completely convinced of the audio quality. Even when adjusting the equalizer, treble is too sharp and the bass leaves something to be desired. In the application you can choose 4 modes: immersive, natural, bass boost & treble boost. But none of the 4 modes really convinced us. For a little more money you have the Sony WF-1000XM3 or the Jabra Elite 75t that deliver you a lot better audio quality. Of course they are less beautiful and you don’t get a charging case with UVnano. Depending on your wishes, the LG Tone Free may be a solution for you.

We do have to give the earbuds plus points on the ambient mode. The noise reduction works incredibly well, all background noise is removed at the touch of a button so that you can fully immerse yourself in your favorite music. It was also noticeable that you had to put the earbuds in your ears before you have decent audio quality. Logical too, but it is annoying that you have to constantly turn and turn with the earbuds before you get some good sound. We also got little difference when trying smaller rubbers.


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