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Bluetooth speakers have been an integral part of our daily lives for a long time and are probably one of the most popular accessories for your mobile. You also have them in all shapes and sizes, with the larger variants in particular producing quite good sound. On the other hand, there are also the small speakers that have to offer not so much sound quality, but above all portability. A device that should change this is the Teufel Boomster GO, which, in addition to being portable, must also produce excellent sound. We put it to the test.

When we open the package, we see a compact red-orange speaker that immediately pops out and fits perfectly into a single adult hand. At the top there are three buttons for the basic operation and on the side we find the power button and the bluetooth button to connect the speaker to a phone or other device. With 355 grams, it is not a heavy device, which, together with the small dimensions, means that you can always put it somewhere to take with you, without the extra effort. The round shapes make it comfortable to hold. The finish is on the non-slip side, so you will not drop it quickly; an ideal travel companion.

This is also reflected in the other properties. For example, the Boomster GO is splash-proof, which makes it safe to use it outside, for example in the park or on the beach. It also lasts ten hours and is recharged within the foreseeable time of 2.5 hours.

In terms of sound, the Boomster GO does surprise us. For its small size, it produces quite powerful sound, which also sounds decent. Ultimately, it does not come close to what large speakers from, for example, JBL produce, but that is of course not expected. You notice that Teufel has developed this speaker with a certain target group in mind. Where electronic music shows up very well, this is less the case with other genres. You mainly miss the detail in the music. This is definitely something to keep in mind when deciding to purchase this compact speaker.

We are quite satisfied with the Teufel Boomster GO. For the format, there is a good sound and the speaker is very portable. We do wonder a bit for whom the device is now suitable, because with a suggested retail price of 100 euros, it is certainly not cheap. For that amount you buy speakers with better sound that still fit well in your backpack. If compactness is the most important thing for you, then the Teufel Boomster GO is one of the best speakers you can buy.

Devil Boomster GO

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