‘Return to British royal family difficult for Harry and Meghan’


Sources tell the Daily Mail that with the revelations in this book, Harry and Meghan completely ruined their chances of a normal return to the British royal family. The book discusses, among other things, the difficult relationship that Harry and Meghan have with the British monarchy. In the end, the couple opted for the ‘Megxit’, which meant that they left their royal functions.

Insiders are sure that the revelations in the book will not do much good for the relationship that Harry and Meghan have with Prince William and his wife, Kate. A reliable source says the following: “The door will always be open to them because they are loved. But their role … is now hard to imagine.”

Another source says, “The evaluation of their period abroad has not yet been done, but there seems to be no turning back now. Some private matters are made public by this book. That can be hurtful to the rest.”

The book states, among other things, that Meghan did not feel welcome and that was because of Kate. Also, one of the staff at the palace is said to have said that Meghan cannot be trusted. Prince Harry, in turn, would have said he did not feel supported by his family.

Some sources said earlier that they feel that Meghan has never been welcome in the royal family. You can see more about this in the video below.

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