Restaurateurs oppose Edelstein’s opening outline – demand comparison to hotel restaurants – consumerism


The restaurateurs oppose the outline of the Ministry of Health for the continued operation of the industry. Health Minister Yuli Edelstein is proposing that restaurants be allowed to operate under a limit of a maximum seating of 50 diners outside. The outline is expected to be approved later tonight (Monday) for government approval.

The restaurant association stated that it opposes the new outline: “We presented to the prime minister, in our meeting with him last night, a proposal for an outline similar to the one approved for hotels and allows seating in the public space with 35% occupancy, Take into account the low infection rates in restaurants, and offer a model that does not exist anywhere else in the world. ” The union’s director general, Shai Berman, added that “to the best of our knowledge, the chairman of the Corona Committee in the Knesset, MK Yifat Shasha Bitton, also opposes the proposed outline.”

Among the demands raised yesterday by the restaurateurs’ association in a meeting with the prime minister, a comparison of conditions for restaurants in hotels that are allowed to operate at 35% occupancy in the interior space; Reducing the criterion for receiving compensation, from a rate of 40% reduction in turnover to a rate of 25%, cancellation of employee levies on temporary orders per year, reduction of property taxes and municipal taxes during the period of restrictions, in accordance with the size of the business, payment to employees isolated from the state coffers and not by the employer and more.

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