Restaurant Rebellion: These are the famous chefs who will immigrate to Jerusalem today – and the dishes that will be distributed – Corona


The future of the restaurants has not yet been decided, but the restaurateurs are making it clear once again that they do not intend to close the restaurants and cafes. Although by government decision the restaurants should have stopped operating today at 5:00 am, most restaurants and cafes across the country continue to operate at this point.

The restaurateurs are awaiting the decision of the Corona committee convening this morning, and are expected to announce that it will allow the restaurants to operate under an unpublished outline. However, according to the restaurateurs, they received indications that later today the government is expected to approve in a telephone poll the stricter outline of the Ministry of Health, according to which they can continue to operate under the maximum capacity of 50 people in outdoor space, without disabling customers in indoor space.

Although this outline is less rigid than the one discussed at the weekend, which stated that the restaurants will close their doors – but according to the restaurateurs, the outline is not economical for them, and for some it is even better for the industry to stop operating than under strict restrictions.

Pastries of holy coffeePhoto: Anatoly Michaelo

At the same time, tonight some of the restaurateurs will demonstrate in front of the Prime Minister’s House in Paris Square in Jerusalem, under the title “This is not the last meal.” According to them, the restaurateurs will distribute portions “For every hungry person to come to the restaurant complex.”

Moore Shabbo Harel, one of the organizers of the initiative, said that “this is not a political protest, but we invite Sarah Netanyahu to join and distribute food with us to the hungry to see and feel the people, to watch single-parent families and those who have been economically destroyed – come to get food.”

Mahniuda Restaurant

Mahniuda RestaurantPhoto: Emil Salman

Among the restaurants and dishes to be served tonight: David Frenkel from Pronto Restaurant, will serve stuffed meats and green wheat; Assaf Doctor from Ivy, Doc & Brothers restaurants will serve chicken and potato sopritos; Mahniuda Restaurant will serve roast chicken, rice and vegetables; Poppina Restaurant will serve a pondera hamburger; Ariel Rosenthal, from The Magician’s Falafel, who will serve chicken breast and rice and chickpeas; Motti Titman, from Malgo and Malbar, will serve fish patties and potatoes; Hudson Restaurant and Chef Matan Abrahams will serve roast beef sandwiches; Tomer Tal of George and John Restaurant will serve homemade pasta bolognese; And Moshiko Gamliel from Muna Restaurant will serve vegetable pasta.

In addition, pastries by the confectioner Michal Botton, a bread bakery and a holy bakery from Jerusalem will be distributed; 25M Restaurant and Chef Jonathan Borovich will serve arais; The Georgian Tash and Tasha Restaurant will serve Chiborki; Long live Zeno from the Pescado restaurant in Ashdod will serve Moroccan fish; The Japanese food bar Mantan-Tan will serve Japanese schnitzel and rice; Tomer Agai, from Santa Catarina Restaurant, will prepare a vegetarian dish based on the vegetables that will arrive at the restaurant this morning; Spanish tapas bar Vicky Christina will serve paella; Zuzubra Restaurant will distribute Asian dishes from the restaurant menu.

The Magician's Chickpeas

Hummus of the Magician’s RestaurantPhoto: Gil Gotkin

Other restaurants that will participate – Magal Catering, Aria, Hamutzi, Popa, Magzino, Ran Shmueli Catering, Hamznon, Nordino, Cafe Boker, Ishtabach, Ground Cafe, Baraka, Imperial, Edom, Onza, Cafe Gan Sipur, Salouf and Sons.

Pronto Restaurant

Pronto RestaurantPhoto: Tammuz Nachman

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