Resounding final at Tardini: English scores almost at the end of the game and Parma-Bologna ends 2-2


Crazy game at Tardini, where Parma goes almost immediately, first with Danilo (3 ‘) and then with Soriano (16’). Just when everything seemed to be written, the unexpected centers of Kurtic (93 ‘) and English arrived in the recovery, practically at the last second available.

THE CHOICES OF THE TWO COACHES – If there are no big news in the Bologna home, excluding the choice of Barrow instead of Palacio, the same cannot be said of Parma, which presents itself with a rather unusual attack trident: Darmian-Kucka-Sprocati.

THE FIRST HALF IS ONLY FROM BOLOGNA – In the first part of the game, wanting to summarize to the extreme, there is no story. Bologna starts off very strong, while Parma does not seem to mention wanting to give signs of its presence to Tardini. Here then the match is immediately unlocked at the start, based on a placed football: Orsolini’s well-balanced left foot for Danilo’s head, whose twist beats Sepe. Those who expect the immediate reaction of Parma, will be disappointed: Bologna continues with great strength and impetus, also finding the doubling in the quarter of an hour thanks to the attempt from outside of Soriano, who with an angled left-handed mockery a Sepe not exactly free to blame.

D’AVERSA CHANGES, AND IS REVIEWED IN ENGLISH – We therefore need a decisive change of direction for Parma, and here after an hour’s game D’Aversa has already spent four changes out of five, including two at half-time. Many players who played multiple roles, albeit without too much success, in the ducal evening. Particular note for the return of English, who had been missing in Serie A since 19 January, when he was injured in the 2-1 lost game at Juventus. Parma, however, seems to struggle to shoot in the mirror of the goal for most of the second half.

SECOND BALANCED TIME – After a one-way first half, the second one is definitely more balanced. Two great chances on each side, in a nutshell: at home Bologna is Barrow to engage Sepe from a secluded position, while Palacio in the final goes close to the pole and 0-3. In the meantime, the hosts had also tried, exploiting the desire of two substitutes: Grassi, and Inglese. The midfielder puts his signature on the first shot on goal of his, by engaging Skorupski, the attacker would go close to scoring, but finds a sensational save on Mbaye’s line. All this before the crazy final point.

INCREDIBLE FINAL, EVERYTHING IN 90 SECONDS – The final is one of those on the verge of unbelievable, given that one and a half minutes from the end of the match the scoreboard still reads 0-2. On a corner kick a dirty deflection by Mbaye allows Kurtic to shorten the distances, until, at the last second, a defensive error by Tomiyasu allows English, who immediately returned with the stigmata of the hero, to put the sensational point 2-2 split final at the triple whistle. An unimaginable conclusion for how the game had gone, given that the first shot of the hosts arrived at minute 82. It took less than two to score two goals and earn an unimaginable point.


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