Residents complained of pain – medical staff chose to have coffee


It was during a night in October 2019 that the resident felt unwell. One of the staff members then called a nurse and was instructed to give medicine. The employee who called was forced to leave the patient alone to respond to other alarms and instead urged his colleagues, who were sitting and having coffee, to help. They did not, according to the report.

When the called nurse arrived at the accommodation 30 minutes later, the patient was sitting alone on the edge of his bed, still with chest pain and rapid breathing. At the same time, four assistant nurses and care assistants, three of whom were on duty, sat and had coffee. This according to Lex Sarah’s report.

Could have led to deaths

The nurse then questioned the staff’s actions and demanded that one of them immediately go to the resident while waiting for an ambulance.

The report states that the incident could have led to the user’s death.

Affected personnel have been suspended during the investigation.

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