‘Research into employee experiences of talk show Ellen DeGeneres’ | NOW


There will be an internal study of employee well-being from Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, writes Variety Monday. The show’s production company has appointed an outside agency to conduct research into employee experiences on the toolbox.

In an internal memo that production company Telepictures and distributor Warner Bros. Several reasons for the investigation are mentioned. For example, two staff from the permanent team rang the bell in April because the team had so far not heard anything about their working hours and salary during the corona crisis.

Also accusations of racism and intimidation, which BuzzFeed released earlier this month, the producers said prompted the investigation. Buzzfeed spoke to several current and former employees of the show, who spoke out about a “toxic work culture” on the talk show.

It is not clear which external agency will carry out the investigation. Warner Bros. declined to comment on the memo, writes Variety. A response from a spokesperson for the talk show has not yet been forthcoming.

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