Reproduction number increases again – De Standaard


The number of hospital admissions due to the new coronavirus exceeds 30 for the second day in a row on Tuesday, and the number of infections continues to rise. The epidemic is also still gaining momentum.

From July 20-26, the average number of new infections per day was 347.1, or an increase of 77 percent over the previous week. This is evident from Thursday morning data from the health institute Sciensano. The number of infections per 100,000 inhabitants also logically continues to rise, to 33.1 cases. On Tuesday, that was still 31.7 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. In our country, a total of 67,335 infections have now been detected, or as many as 673 more than was reported on Wednesday.

For the second day in a row, there were more than 30 hospital admissions yesterday, namely 33. Last week, there were an average of 17.7 admissions per day, an increase of 32 percent.

The number of deaths continues to decrease in the meantime. The data from the last seven days reports 2.3 deaths. However, the 16 percent drop is less pronounced than it was in recent days. In total, the virus already claimed 9,836 lives in our country.

The reproduction number, which indicates how many people each corona patient passes on the virus, has risen to 1.48 on Wednesday, compared to 1.44 on Tuesday. That means that a hundred people now infect 148 others.


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