Reporting that savings in nursing homes continue in the corona crisis raises bad blood


Groen also wants the savings in residential care centers to be reversed immediately. Each residential care center receives half a euro less per resident, although Welfare Minister Beke invested in elderly care. “What are the net worth of investments if savings are made at the same time? Corona and the government are squeezing the residential care centers,” says Björn Rzoska.

The scrapping of operating resources for residential care centers was a thorn in the side of Green anyway. “The pressure for corona was already immense. In recent months we have counted on the loyalty and professionalism of the residential care centers. That they received the message yesterday that further savings are being made on their budget, you cannot explain to a sensible person. is about to fall over. The testimonies in the corona committee left nothing to the imagination, “says Rzoska, who chairs the corona committee in the Flemish parliament.

The fact that Minister Beke is investing in the sector smells like a kind of vest pocket-trouser operation for Rzoska. “Minister of Welfare Beke cannot, on the one hand, cut back on the means to invest on the other. That is being creative on the hood of the employees of the residential care centers. A minister of welfare who saves on caregivers in corona times, who, by the way, spend his entire corona- approach but not getting it right raises many questions, “Rzoska adds.


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