Replica The Night Watch will be unveiled on Thursday at Vitalis care home | NOW


Thursday at Vitalis Wilgenhof care home will be a life-size replica of The Night Watch revealed. The care group reports that the copy of one of the most famous Dutch paintings is being brought to Eindhoven because of a collaboration between the Rijksmuseum and Philips.

The 4 by 5 meter painting will remain in Eindhoven for five weeks and will change location every week. According to Vitalis, the project fits well with the way the care group views art and culture.

“The arrival of The Night Watch we see as a means to think a little more freely, to stay connected, to enjoy and to make something beautiful. Art and culture as a vitamin for the mind, as a means for development, meaningful contact, meaning and pleasure “, writes the care company.

The initiative was created because it has become difficult for the elderly to visit a museum due to the corona crisis. The Rijksmuseum wants to help the elderly in this way. The replica is a very high resolution print of a photo that was made available earlier this year.

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