renewed domain, Sucker Punch hires for a new PS5 game –


June 27 2020 sucker Punch has renewed the domain of the official website of the series inFAMOUS, “”, as discovered by user Reddit u / PlunderBunker. Considering that the studio has currently completed work on Ghost of Tsushima, its latest game available in a few days, and that it is hiring developers for a new title for SS5, many speculate that it may be working on a new inFAMOUS.

Renewal of the domain of the inFAMOUS series.

Of course it is fair to point out that these are mere speculations and that for now there is nothing certain. Moreover, if Ghost of Tsushima is successful, Sucker Punch could also decide to continue on the same vein, perhaps with a following of some kind.

After all, the important thing is to know that there is another PS5 game in development (it is probably already in an advanced pre-production phase). We will certainly see it in an advanced phase of the new generation of gaming machines (in at least three or four years).

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