Renault engine in qualifying mode faster than Honda


Red Bull switched to a new power source last year, namely that of Honda. The big gamble seemed to pay off well, but now it turns out that the Renault engine, which Red Bull used before, the Honda engine is partly outdated.

You can remember it, the Renault engine in the Red Bull car. It was a love-hate relationship, because the power unit had speed, but it was lacking in reliability. It has happened more than once that the engine just flopped out of nowhere. That in turn yielded a DNF, which is of course the last thing you want. The Austrian racing stable therefore decided to take matters into its own hands and switch to a new Honda engine. A big risk, because the year before the Honda engine did not perform too well in the McLaren cars. However, this was a completely new project, in which Red Bull clearly had every confidence.

Rightly so. The Honda engine proved to be extremely reliable last season and great strides were made when it came to speed. This season, however, everything looks a little less rosy. This is mainly due to the fact that Mercedes has taken huge steps forward, while Honda has taken mini steps. Max Verstappen can also notice that the Japanese engine supplier has indeed taken steps forward, although not as big steps as one would have liked to have seen. Therefore, a large gap has arisen between Red Bull and Mercedes, which is expected to be impossible to close quickly.

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But that’s not the only bad news for Red Bull and Honda. The discarded Renault engine has certainly also taken steps forward, making it even faster at times than the Japanese power source. In qualifying mode, Renault has even surpassed Honda, it is known RacingNews365. All this is evident from GPS data. Surprisingly, Renault is the fastest engine after Mercedes. However, the French racing stable lacks a lot of chassis, which is why they do not compete for a podium place. It will certainly not feel pleasant for Red Bull (and Honda) that Renault is partly outdated, but knowing both parties, they will only want to work harder.

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