release date and price announced in July according to rumor


Commenting on the events calendar released by Jeff Grubb, an insider makes it known that we will also soon have information on PlayStation 5 release date, on the price and on the opening of the pre-orders.

To reveal it is Roberto Serranò on Twitter, who reports the date of 13 July as the day chosen by Sony to announce the release date and the cost of the new console, premising however that the date in question may change at any moment, the plans currently seem to point towards the indicated day. Will it be true? Hard to say, since in many places there has always been talk of August as the month chosen for the release date and price reveal.

What is certain is that Microsoft and Sony they won’t be able to wait much longer to reveal these details to the general public, international retailers are ready to open the pre-orders of PlayStation 5, with the console and accessories that have appeared on Amazon in recent days.

PlayStation 5 is expected for the Christmas period, approximately between October and December, it is not clear if Sony will opt for a global launch (this is the idea of ​​Jim Ryan) or if the Coronavirus emergency has forced the company to review its plans initials.

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