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Works in Budget Committee in the Chamber who is looking at the amendments to Raise. A series of amendments on topics such as incentives to the automotive sector and peer schools should be voted on the same day. The intention of the chairman of the commission, Claudio Borghi, is to fire the Dl Raise in the afternoon. The measure is expected on Monday in the Chamber in Montecitorio, for the start of the general discussion. The government should place trust.

40 million in municipalities in red areas excluded from funds – 40 million arrive in 2020 for the Municipalities most affected by the Coronavirus epidemic: an amendment to the Relaunch decree approved by the House Budget Committee provides for this. The funds will be distributed by decree of the Ministry of the Interior and of the MEF within 30 days from the conversion of the measure, taking into account both the Municipalities that have become red areas for at least 15 days to contain the infection, excluded at first from the Relaunch decree, and those particularly affected by the number of infections compared to the inhabitants, ascertained on 30 June. The intent, explained Deputy Minister Laura Castelli, is not to exclude Municipalities “with very high contagions, few, which have not become a red zone because then it has become a red zone throughout Italy”.

Ok superbonus 110% also for second homes – Green light to extend the superbonus to 110% also for second homes, including terraced houses but excluding stately homes, villas or castles. The Budget Committee of the Chamber has approved a reformulation of numerous amendments on the subject, rewriting the intervention: it will be possible to benefit from a maximum of two housing units. Revised ceilings on subsidized expenditure for energy efficiency measures, measures relating to the use of biomass and extension to district heating but in mountain municipalities not in the EU infringement procedure.

The restructuring of the changing rooms of associations and amateur sports clubs will also be able to take advantage of the 110% superbonus. This is foreseen by the amendment to the Relaunch decree, reformulated and approved by the House Budget Committee. The facility is also extended to associations in the third sector.

Easier to import templates – The Budget Committee in the Chamber has approved an amendment to the Relaunch Decree to simplify the import and validation of surgical masks and personal protective equipment. The aim is “to provide businesses with the necessary need for surgical masks and personal protective equipment and to support the safe recovery of production activities” by defining simplifying criteria for importing, placing on the market and validating products, while ensuring the protective efficacy, “in derogation from current regulations, until the end of the state of emergency COVID-19”. The norm foresees that the simplifying criteria for surgical masks are established within 10 days from the entry into force of the Dl Relaunch “by a Technical Committee composed of a representative of the ISS, who chairs it, a representative designated by the Regions, a representative of the “Single National Accreditation Body-ACCREDIA, a representative of UNI and a representative of the Notified Bodies indicated by the associations of the Conformity Assessment Bodies members of Accredia. The administrative support to the Committee is ensured by the ISS”.

200 million for company security – Inailing “2020 to further support the recovery of safe business activities”, Inail uses € 200 million. This is what has been established of an amendment to the Dl Relaunch approved in the Budget Committee in the Chamber. Funded projects will be chosen with a call.

Ok to amendment for 6 million for cross-border commuters – The Budget Committee in the Chamber has approved an amendment to the Relaunch Decree recognizing a contribution of 6 million in favor of frontier workers, who carry out their activity in the countries bordering national borders, “who involuntarily ended their employment relationship from 23 February 2020 ‘.

Parental leave until 31 August – The period (starting from March 5) for which parents of children up to 12 years of age who are employees of private companies can request a leave of up to 30 days (each) to 50 is extended from 31 July to 31 August % of remuneration. This is what is envisaged in an amendment to the revocation decree approved in the Budget Committee in the Chamber.

Summer camps extended to 0-16 year olds – The plans for the summer camps must concern the age group from 0 to 16 years. An amendment to the relaunch decree approved by the Budget Committee of the Chamber provides for an extension of the age range to which the projects put in place by the Municipalities from June to September are to be allocated, thanks to an additional funding of 150 million already allocated with the basic text of the decree. . Initially the provision provided for projects aimed at the age group between 3 and 14 years.

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