Regional 2020, Granato opens the election campaign by canoe on the Sarno river 2 July 2020


It opened this morning with a canoe crossing on the Sarno, the election campaign of Giuliano Granato presidential candidate Campania region in the next election. “Let’s start from here – he said – from this contradiction, that of a river that is the most polluted in Europe. The Sarno could be clean, transparent, healthy if only the spills that pollute it were stopped. In the years Power to the People has forwarded continuous reports, awareness campaigns, principals, complaints but there is a blockage by the ruling classes that do not activate the necessary controls and actions necessary to put an end to this shame. Well we do not stop, we are the ones who have always been on the other side, we are the home of the movements, of the activists, of those who do not bend and today with this initiative we want to show everyone the disaster that has been caused. It is a painful wound that never closes: on the one hand there is a luxuriant vegetation that does not want to die and resists, on the other as an inevitable condemnation, poisons and waste materials are spilled here perpetually “.

The participants

He was by his side this morning Clementina Sasso, candidate for the Campania Regional Council, Neapolitan astrophysics researcher of the Capodimonte Astronomical Observatory who collaborates with NASA: “I was born as an activist, the 5 Star Movement I believed in took away a dream that I found in Power to the People because we, like them, still believe in a fair world “. Among the voices also that of Massimiliano Tresca of the Casa del Popolo of the Agro Nocerino Sarnese who commented: “This place represents what for us in Potere al Popolo is a practice, popular control through the commitment and dedication of the activists who over the years have carried out constant work of monitoring and reporting without ever giving up “.

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The descent into the field

Power to the People comes to these elections to “propose a different model, because we have what De Luca and Caldoro lack: a community that recognizes equality, dignity and rights. Because a new idea of ​​Campania is possible and we have matured, imagined and experienced it already in the small: organizing ourselves in environmental struggles, taking care of our territories, fighting at work against entrepreneurs who want to enslave us, listening to the stories of precarious health workers, those who do not have a job or a home. Since 1992 Sarno has been considered dangerously polluted “.” In three months of quarantine – continued Giuliano Granato in his speech – we saw what the future could be like, we saw that it is possible to get the clean river back but the spills of the companies in the food and multinationals are not stopped. It would take political will. It is no coincidence that the photo of Sarno, recently echoed on the web as a roar of hope, was taken by one of the militants of Power to the People, Giuseppe Sodano, who in constant water control work, immediately after the lockdown the first thing he did was to go back here, to these places to check the state of the river “.”For ten years Campania has always clashed with the same political class. We are preparing for the “De Luca against Caldoro part 3” but it is always the same block of power, heir of the Bassolino and the Rastrelli, who for decades speculates and gains weight on the shoulders of the citizens of Campania pocketing public money, defrauding contracts, distributing wads, removing more and more resources for essential services. These are the people who have poisoned our rivers and buried waste under construction abuse, the same people who have dismantled health and are now campaigning on the management of the Covid emergency, without even having any real merit in this regard “concluded the political movement .

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