Region have maximum attention on the province of Cremona and Casalasco outbreaks’


On 30 June last the last Covid patient was discharged at the Cremona Hospital. A few days later, on 2 July, a “new” patient was admitted to the pulmonology department. Today in pneumology there are 2 hospitalized: one in non-invasive ventilation, one in oxygen therapy with high flows. Others are hospitalized in the infectious ward. Most of these come from the outbreak of Viadana, others from the Parmovo area.

As stated by the chief of pneumology of Cremona, dr. Bosio, Covid did not go on vacation and, given the understandable fatigue of the medical and nursing staff of our hospitals, not only must we not let our guard down but do everything possible to deal with these and any outbreaks. Swabs remain the only effective tool for detecting positives and containing the virus. Without planning and organization, screenings risk not being useful. Ats Valpadana did well to carry out a screening of the areas adjacent to the citizens who already had positive results. Many residents, however, report that no one has been asked to stay at home pending the outcome of the swab for which it would take about a month. If so, it would not be good at all.

These outbreaks exist and the screening actions must be timely, well organized and above all stringent protocols must be followed, because only in this way can the Virus be contained. This is the only way to help our hospitals. Finally, I return to the Usca, the special units of continuity of assistance. In the province of Cremona it would take at least seven, but only three have been established for me. In the Casalasco-Viadanese area of ​​the outbreak, only one was established which carried out 84 visits in 3 months. Practically one a day, a little bit. Still, the Usca are a very important tool that can be decisive. The doctors who make them up have never been able to do their best. The Region must invest in these units, increasing and equipping doctors, starting from the areas affected by the recent outbreaks.

Matteo Piloni

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